Ива Икономова
We worked with Maria for the purchase of an apartment at Redenka and can confirm that she made herself available and was very attentive through the entire process.
We initially were given Maria’s contact details with respect to viewing an apartment at Redenka, and she was very courteous, friendly and efficient in taking us to view a number of apartments in a short period of time. Communications with Maria were responded to very quickly and provided us with all the information we needed. When a particular apartment was selected for purchase she was actively involved in contacting the owner and coordinating the necessary legal procedures with the owner, the owners lawyer and the notary. She maintained full involvement right up to the moment of contract signing giving us a high degree off confidence in her abilities to help us close the sale.
We have no hesitation in recommending her services in all aspects of buying or selling property.
Nach sichten von verschiedenen Immobilien bin ich auf die Angebote von Frau Granzova gestoßen.


Nach Kontaktaufnahme – Mitte Februar – wurden die Verkaufsbedienungen und der Ablauf abgesprochen.

Trotz Corona fand der Kauf, so wie vorher abgesprochen zu 100 % ohne Probleme statt.

Alle Fragen während des Kaufvorgangs wurden umfassend und recht zeitig beantwortet.

So soll und muss ein Kauf/Verkauf sein.

Von mir gibt es eine klare Empfehlung.


Mr & Mrs Abrook

My wife and I were looking to purchase a property in Bulgaria for both winter skiing and summer holidays. Having not been to Bulgaria before we had a lot of questions which you were very happy and able to help us with. Once we had found a property that we liked, the purchase process was made very simple and easy. From start to finish the whole process took approximately 7 weeks and we went out to Bulgaria on the day of completion and collected the keys to our new holiday home. We would highly recommend Maria if you are looking to purchase property in Bulgaria (Bansko).Mr & Mrs Abrook (Surrey)

С. А.

Здравей Мария, мнението ми е доста добро, даже те препоръчах на някой познати, които може да имат интерес за закупуване на имот в Банско. И ако пак решим да купуваме или продаваме, определено ще се обърнем към теб. Това което най-вече ми хареса е,че си изключително мила и дружелюбна , лесно се общува с теб и няма никакво напрежение или недомлъвки. Дори и да е имало някой недоразумения, от твоя или от моя страна , са били напълно непреднамерени и се оказаха лесно и бързо разрешими. Сделката мина леко и бързо и доколкото виждам напълно коректно, въобще този път имаше голяма разлика от предната ни покупка с друг агент , който се оказа некоректен, и косвено ни създаде много стрес след сделката. Желая всичко добро и ще очаквам да се свържеш с мен, като е готов нотариалния акт. С. А.

Николина и Красимир Пашови

Бяхме решили, че семейството ни има нужда от ваканционен имот, където да отсядаме след забъраното ежедневие. Търсехме ваканционен имот с целогодишно поддържане край Банско и Разлог. За наш късмет наши познати ни препоръчаха Проперти Консултант  на Мария Гранзова, брокер в агенцията като описахме какво търсим. Разбрахме се тя да подбере няколко подходящи имота, които да разгледаме. Срещнахме се една събота в удобно за нас време. Мария беше подбрала няколко апартамента, които до голяма степен отговаряха на изискванията ни. Придружи ни в огледите като спокойно и ненатрапчиво ни насочваше към предимствата на всеки имот. След няколко дни ние съобщихме на кой апартамент сме се спрели и стартира процедурата по прехвърлянето. Независимо, че бяха необходими много документи, Мария през цялото време ни съдействаше като това ни осигури спокойно преминаване през документните перипетии. Сделката се изповяда при нотариус също посочен от Агенцията. Обстановката беше много спокойна, нотариусът внимателно провери всички документи. Доволни сме от нея и я препоръчваме на всички, които са решили да придобият имот в Банско или Разлог.” Мария, още веднъж благодарим за добрата ни съвместна работа и желаем успех на теб . Николина и Красимир Пашови

Frankie and Peter Ogubuilo

I cannot recommend Maria Granzova enough. I had been looking for a property with several of the agents in Bansko and her service was different in the sense that she listened carefully I my requirements and matched them. That is very refreshing as often you are just bombarded with stuff the agents are trying to rid of. Maria is wonderful to deal with and precise. She always replies in time and answers all queries. She simplified the process and made everything very easy and she helped me to secure the property I wanted in the face of fierce competition. She seems very honest and straightforward and keen to secure her client’s dreams for them. The agency clearly has a different ethos to others and I feel very happy with my dealings with her. For a very fussy client like me, that says a lot! Frankie and Peter Ogubuilo, UK

Венелин Славчев

Искаме да изкажем удовлетворението си от работата на брокера Мария Гранзова. На сайта на агенцията намерихме подходящия имот /след едномесечно търсене и огледи с други агенции/, с помощта на Мария постигнахме добра крайна цена и сделка в рамките на една седмица. Рядко сме срещали подобно професионално отношение дори и от софийски агенции. Пожелаваме на агенцията да работи винаги така професионално! Венелин Славчев.


Hi Maria, Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for all your help on the sale and fast completion.It was great dealing with you and I wish you and the company future success. Kind regards, Steve

Alexander Shchekaturov

Mария, добрый день! Спасибо еще раз за успешно проведённую сделку! Всего Вам хорошего!Alexander Shchekaturov, Russia

Branislav Brankovic

The most professional agency in Bansko. Very dedicated and accurate. All employees are highly professional and well-informed. In addition to accurate information from the real estate market, they are also well versed in all legal conditions of business. Highly recommend the agent Maria!Branislav Brankovic, Serbia

Olena Semenyaka

Maria Granzova is the realtor agent who was kindly assisting us with all matters related to our recent property purchase in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Her professional approach and support along the entire process from the property options viewing to the signing of the final documents were exceptional. She guided us essentially through all the steps of purchase and always delivered the promptness response to any queries at any time, we were receiving a proper clarification from her for any doubtful details as we were not familiar with Bulgaria’s laws. I really appreciate her patience and effort, staying available 24/7. Also with her kind help, the notary process was completed super fast and smooth as we were prepared and directed by Maria.

If you look for professional qualified support in buying, selling or renting your property in Bulgaria,  Property Consultant real estate is the group of trusted professionals who you need. I highly recommend Maria in particular.

Stay healthy and safe

Olena Semenyaka

Frankie Ogubuilo

This is the second property that we have bought through  and the service is just as excellent as when we bought the first a couple of years ago. Maria is always fast with responses, understanding of what you are looking for, fantastic at negotiating on your behalf and super efficient at bringing things to a close with the least bother. Having lived in Bulgaria for a while I am always incredibly impressed with her service which surpasses any I have ever received from an agent in my native London. The agency always has a wide selection of properties meaning that I can always find whatever niche I am looking for. I already have my eye on a third in thier books!! They also manage my properties for me such is my trust in thier brand.’